Property Crime Alert – City of Madison

by Safety Connection

June 28, 2023

Property crimes have ticked up in Madison in the last couple of days including residential burglaries and stolen vehicles/motorcycles. Some of them were forced-entry. In addition 2 strong-armed robberies were also reported to police yesterday (Tues June 27).

You can help prevent crimes of opportunity by making sure your home, vehicles and garage are locked up before you turn in (9pm Routine!). Your best defense against forced-entry crimes is to hide valuables from sight in vehicles and near open home windows and to make your home look and sound occupied when you’re away (with lights, a TV, music, etc.). And always call police if something looks “off”. You can call 911 if it’s happening now, or call the non-emergency number 608-255-2345 to report something that already happened.

* Residential burglary (reported 8:04am Central): A motorcycle was stolen from a locked garage. Attempt to locate aired. The motorcycle was listed as stolen in the appropriate databases. A second motorcycle was also reported as stolen from another location nearby. That motorcycle was recovered.

* Residential burglary (reported 8:50am South): A homeowner reported someone entered her home overnight and stole two laptops. No sign of forced entry. Investigation continuing.

* Stolen Auto (reported 9am South): A vehicle was reported stolen. An Airtag showed the location of the vehicle. Vehicle recovered (unoccupied) with a broken back window and altered steering column.

* Stolen Auto (reported 9:33am West): A vehicle was reported stolen from the street. Broken glass in the street. Attempt to locate aired. The vehicle was listed as stolen in the appropriate databases. * Vehicle recovered on Sunnyvale Lane.

* Vehicle break-in (West – Maple View Dr and Putnam Rd at around 10:30am): Suspects in a red vehicle (possible a Honda) broke out the window of a vehicle parked on the street. It’s unknown if anything was taken.

* Stolen Auto (reported 12:04pm East): A vehicle was reported stolen. A spare key was left in the vehicle. Attempt to locate aired. The vehicle was listed as stolen in the appropriate databases.

* Strong Armed Robbery (reported 9:39pm Midtown): A subject reported an unknown male subject approached him and asked him to borrow his phone. The male subject fled (along with another male subject) with the victim’s cell phone.

* Strong Armed Robbery (reported 9:55pm South): A subject reported two unknown male subjects ripped a bag off her shoulder and shoved her to the ground. The subjects stole the subject’s bag which had keys and her ID in it. Investigation continuing.

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