Theft-from-Auto Hot Spots

by Safety Connection

April 5, 2024

The Raymond Road/Schroeder Road area on the west side was a hot spot for theft-from-auto crimes this week in Madison. Thankfully thieves were not smashing windows to gain entry, but instead just looking for unlocked vehicles to ransack.

Police tell us that these thieves often visit a neighborhood for 2 or 3 consecutive nights before moving on just in case someone has reported suspicious activity or camera footage to the police. Night shift officers are assigned to patrol these micro hot spots as soon as they are identified, but police only know about them if you report any crimes, attempted crimes or suspicious activity in your neighborhood. In Madison the non-emergency number is 608-255-2345 or you can file a self-report.

And of course remember to establish a nightly habit to lock up before you turn it at night (9pm Routine!) and keep valuables out of your vehicle to help protect you from being the next victim!

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