Avoiding Theft at the Fitness Center

by Safety Connection

March 20, 2024

Thieves have targeted fitness center lockers and parking lots recently according to Madison Police officers and detectives we spoke to. One victim even had their vehicle stolen when thieves discovered the keys they tried to hide inside a shoe. On the west side, theft-from-auto incidents have occurred in the parking lots of businesses like Crunch Fitness, Planet Fitness, Urban Air and the Princeton Club.

It’s hard to know what to do with your valuables when you’re working out. Should you try to hide them in your vehicle, or trust that they’ll be safe in a locker?

Here are some tips to help you keep your personal belongings safe:

  • Bring along only what you’ll need
  • Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle, but if you must, keep them out of sight and secure them if possible (do you have a lockable glove box or console?)
  • If you’ll use a gym locker, choose one in a high-traffic area so it’s less tempting to thieves
  • Secure your locker with a sturdy lock that can’t be easily cut or picked open
  • Consider purchasing workout apparel that allows you to keep your keys and phone and other valuables with you when you work out (there are many types of belts, bags and pouches you can wear or carry, as well as water bottles with storage spaces or even cell phone holders)

If you see suspicious activity in the locker room or parking lot, or if you’re the victim of a theft, report it to the police so you can help protect others from becoming victims.

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