Thieves Checking for Unlocked Doors

by Safety Connection

August 19, 2022

People were in the Hill Farms/Midvale Heights neighborhoods on the west side of Madison this morning (8/19) checking for unlocked vehicles at around 5am. If you live in this area and have security cameras, please check your footage and report any information/video to Madison Police (608-255-2345).

And remember to set a routine each night to make sure you and your family members/roommates don’t accidentally leave your vehicle(s), garage or residence unlocked before turning in. This will help protect you from crimes-of-opportunity thieves like these individuals who moved on once they encountered locked doors.

Finally, if you see people in your neighborhood behaving suspiciously like this, call 911 immediately! You may help your neighbors avoid a break-in, theft or even a stolen auto incident!

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