Thieves are Targeting Underground Parking Garages

by Safety Connection

June 2, 2023

Madison Police report that there has been a noticeable uptick recently in burglaries taking place in apartment complex parking garages.

Unlike the usual crimes of opportunity where thieves look for unlocked vehicles to target, these particular thieves are smashing vehicle windows when they see anything of value.

There was a rash of these burglaries on the west side of Madison this week, and Middleton Police are also taking reports of thefts from underground parking garages.

In addition to locking your vehicle and taking any valuables with you or hiding them from sight, remember that a thief has no idea what’s in that grocery, diaper or gym bag you leave behind in your vehicle. You know there’s nothing of significant value in there, but they do not and they may smash your window to find out.

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