Lithium Battery Safety Program on March 20

by Safety Connection

March 13, 2024

Triad’s March safety program (virtual) on March 20 at 10am will focus on lithium-ion battery safety with featured guest Cameron Gasaway from the Madison Fire Department.

These days many of our gadgets and electronics are powered by lithium-ion batteries, including e-bikes. But these batteries use flammable materials and when they overheat or get damaged, the fires they can cause spread incredibly fast. Sometimes the devices can even explode. In Madison there have been several incidents of lithium-ion batteries causing fires. Here are some examples. One battery was not even being charged when it caught fire in a UW-Madison campus dorm room.

In 2021 a City of Madison recycling truck caught fire and the operator had to dump the load on the street to protect the truck from burning. Madison Streets Public Information Officer Bryan Johnson reported that the exact cause of the fire was unknown but it was suspected to be a lithium-ion battery.

Do you know how to safely use and dispose of lithium-ion batteries? What should you do if you see your battery smoking or sparking or you notice a fire?

To participate in this virtual meeting, email to get the Zoom link.

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