The spring and summer months are prime time for property crimes in the Madison area. Here are some timely reminders from the Buckeye-Grove Good Neighbor Project:

Nobody has the right to enter your unlocked vehicle. However, at least 93% of car thefts in and around Madison continue to be “Crimes of Opportunity”. These CAN be prevented which would severely cut down on vehicle thefts. It’s up to us to be vigilant.

It’s very rare to have a car broken into and hot-wired to start, although your car may be broken into if something of value is in sight.

* Warming up your car unattended.
Just NEVER do it.

* Key fobs left inside of unlocked vehicles. In some cases, you can lock your vehicle if you don’t have the keys/fob.
When you exit your vehicle, FIRST make sure you have the fob in your hand and LOCK the doors.

* Vehicles left running while you run into Kwik Trip.
“I was only in there for 30 seconds” Well, the criminal stole it in 10 seconds.

* Leaving your garage door open when you’re in the backyard.
When you aren’t in sight of your garage door, close it. Peace of mind.

* Unlocked cars in the garage either with the key fob in them or near them.
Lock your vehicles inside the garage at all times. Keep the fob inside your house, a good distance from the garage.

*Valuables are in plain sight, even though the doors are locked.
Out of sight, out of mind. Chances ARE NOT in your favor if a laptop, cell phone, firearm, or even a garage door opener is in sight. That may lead to a break-in.

* While you’re at it, when you’re gone:

+Make sure all doors are locked and windows are secured.
+Lock the garage entry door to the house. If somebody happens to get into your garage, that is another barrier.

+Have an extra lock or bar on your garage “service” door, and make sure any garage windows are secured.

Most important of them all, get into a routine IN CASE you forget to lock up.



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