How YOU Can Thank Dane County 911 Dispatchers

by Safety Connection

Did you know that there are approximately 100,000 911 operators and dispatchers across the country and about 70 right here in Dane County?

These men and women work hard to connect people in crisis with the help and resources they need. It’s a very stressful job, where Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is very common and the attrition rate is high. These first of the first responders perform a critical and professional role in health and public safety, yet the federal government’s classification of “Administrative Support Staff” does not reflect the extremely high levels of attrition or the PTSD rates, up to nearly 25 percent.

The bipartisan 911 SAVES Act would give dispatchers the recognition they deserve by categorizing the job as a “Protective Service Occupation” – a change that won’t cost a cent, but would provide validation to these professionals across America who answer emergency calls every single day.

Let’s all take a minute to contact our state senators and representatives in Congress and ask them to co-sponsor the newly reintroduced 911 SAVES Act.

If enacted, this bill would recognize 911 operators and dispatchers alongside law-enforcement personnel, firefighters, security guards, and others whose job it is to protect our communities. You can learn more by reading the joint press release from U.S. Representatives Norma J. Torres (D-CA) and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA).

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