You Can Support PEOs Who Help Keep Madison Safe!

by Safety Connection

Did you know that Parking Enforcement Officers (PEOs) in Madison are civilian city employees? In addition to parking enforcement duties these officers help our community by finding and locating stolen vehicles; alerting dispatch and officers to wanted suspects and missing persons; and assisting the homeless, tourists and residents downtown and throughout the city.

PEOs are embedded within the Madison Police Department because at times their jobs can be stressful and sometimes even dangerous. They benefit from access to police radio channels and secure police district buildings. However on Tuesday (4/20), the Common Council will vote to decide whether to move PEOs from MPD to Parking Utility. This will come with a financial COST to taxpayers.

The PEOs OPPOSE this move to Parking Utility. You can help them continue to serve our community safely with just a few clicks on your keyboard or a short letter to your city alders. You can register in opposition to the move here (the Agenda Item# is 64333):

Or you can send a letter before Tuesday evening (4/20) to

You can read the full Madison Common Council 4/20/21 meeting agenda here.

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