Madison Spring Election Guide 2023

by Safety Connection

Do you believe that everyone who lives in our city has a right to feel safe and that their leaders are listening to them? It’s election time in Madison, and your vote is crucial!

City leadership will be deciding the direction that Madison will take on important issues like public safety, housing, zoning, transit and more. Plus, alders and the Mayor will be confronting a serious structural deficit, and cuts to city services you enjoy will no-doubt be on the table over the next couple of years.

We’ve compiled information for you on all of the candidates in the contested Common Council races plus the Mayoral race.

Because we are safety group, we focused on the candidates’ public safety platforms and records. But we’ve also included plenty of links with much more candidate information so you can learn about where they stand on all the important issues that affect your daily life in Madison.

Note: Until election day, we will continue to update the candidate pages with any links and additional information that becomes available.

Mayor’s Race:

City of Madison Mayor: Satya Rhodes-Conway vs Gloria Reyes

City Alder Races:

District 1: John Duncan running unopposed

District 2: Colin Barushok vs Juliana Bennett

District 3: Matt Van Eperen vs Derek Field

District 4: Mike Verveer vs Maxwell Laubenstein

District 5: Regina Vidaver running unopposed

District 6: Davy Mayer vs Marsha Rummel

District 7: Nasra Wehelie running unopposed

District 8: Charlie Fahey vs MGR Govindarajan

District 9: Nino Amato vs Nikki Conklin

District 10: Sheri Carter vs Yannette Figueroa Cole

District 11: Bill Tishler running unopposed

District 12: Amani Latimer Burris vs Julia Matthews

District 13: Tag Evers running unopposed

District 14: Isadore Knox, Jr. vs Noah Lieberman

District 15: Brad Hinkfuss vs Dina Nina Martinez-Rutherford

District 16: Kim Richman vs Jael Currie

District 17: Sabrina Madison running unopposed

District 18: Charles Myadze vs. Michelle Ellinger Linley

District 19: Kristen Slack vs John Guequierre

District 20: Barbara Harrington-McKinney vs Matt Phair

If you don’t know what district you live in, you can find out by visiting this city website and typing in your address.

To see what your ballot will look like and where and how you can vote, visit the My Vote Wisconsin website.

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