Is it Time to Cancel the Mifflin Street Block Party?

by Safety Connection

“This is nothing but a drunk fest.” 

That is how MPD Central District Captain Mike Hanson characterized the unsanctioned, unsponsored Mifflin Street Block Party that requires a load of police resources and immense amounts of work over months. 

A few highlights from his May 1st press conference: 

● Increased crowd—Approx. 10,000 people

● Increased popularity of BORGs. (Black-Out Rage Gallon-a gallon of alcohol you carry around with you all day to drink and get drunk.) 74 of these were dumped out by officers.

● A stolen gun was recovered

● Intoxicated people throwing projectiles in crowd–mob mentality

● Someone waving a sharp metal pole

● Climbing trees and touching power lines

● A nurse was kicked in the head

● An officer was injured

● Multiple Assaults

● Several Injuries

● High schoolers attended this event, as well as many underage college students

● 13+ noise complaints

● 17+ overcrowding complaints on porches, balconies and roofs

● 20+ intoxicated person to detox calls

The Madison Police Department is ready to pull the plug. By doing nothing, this event gets endorsed. 

Press Conference:

Here is MPD’s Mifflin Street Block Party 2023 Incident Report:

A stolen handgun was recovered during an arrest made at this year’s Mifflin Street Block Party.

Officers spent hours Saturday walking and biking in the area.
Students arrived to Mifflin Street around 11 a.m. By midday, the crowd surged to well over 10,000 people. In response, the Madison Police Department shutdown Mifflin Street and other nearby roads to traffic.

Dozens arrested

As of 6 p.m. Saturday, 44 people had been arrested. Most were arrested for alcohol related offenses. Additional arrests are possible.

Three people were taken to the Dane County Jail, including an adult male who had a stolen gun in his backpack.

More information about these arrests will be released on Monday.

Team effort

Around 200 officers worked the event.

A number of units within the Madison Police Department, including our Special Events Team, Mounted Patrol Unit, Unmanned Aircraft System team, Special Weapons and Tactics team, along with district leadership and patrol officers assisted in keeping attendees safe.

The Madison Police Department would like to thank the Dane County Sheriff’s Office, UW-Madison Police, Capitol Police, the Madison Fire Department and Building Inspection for their help.

The Mifflin Street Block Party is typically held the final Saturday in April. It is not a University-sponsored event, nor is it a sanctioned event by the city.

Released 04/29/2023 at 6:13 PM by PIO Stephanie Fryer

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