Downtown Halloween Safety Tips

by Safety Connection

Because Freakfest was canceled again this year and there will be no controlled event, the Madison Police Department Central District Captain shared some Halloween safety tips with those wishing to venture downtown to celebrate Halloween this weekend.

Understanding that the weekend of October 29-31 is traditionally a busy weekend, the Central Police district would like to encourage residents, students, and guest of the Central District to be safe and responsible.

Be Safe Tips:

  • Avoid situations in which you would likely position yourself or others in danger.
  • Share location with friends on multiple social media platforms.
  • Plan an agenda for the evening.
  • Walk in pairs or small groups.
  • Plan a group meeting location in case someone gets lost.
  • Report to any suspicious our dangerous behavior to law enforcement.

Be Responsible Tips:

  • Entrust in yourself and your friends to do what is right. 
  • Manage alcohol consumption.
  • Avoid disruptive or disorderly Behavior.
  • Avoid damaging property. 
  • Avoid driving under the influence.
  • Avoid throwing large parties or after parties.
  • Avoid having stranger in your home.

The Central District will be fully staffed with officers to address concerns, as well as adhere to the mission statement that we have all sworn to uphold.

“We, the members of the Madison Police Department, are committed to providing high quality police services that are accessible to all members of the community. We believe in the dignity of all people and respect individual and constitutional rights in fulfilling this mission”.

Please join me in doing your part to make this a safe and responsible weekend!


Captain Harrison Zanders 4233

Party Pamphlet

City Attorney’s Letter to Liquor License Holders

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