Do You Need New Smoke Detectors?

by Safety Connection

In August 2010 a Madison city ordinance went into effect that required all residential buildings within the city of Madison to have a ten-year tamper-resistant lithium battery or be hardwired to your home’s electrical system. If you opted for the smoke alarms with a 10-year battery, it’s time for you to purchase new smoke detectors.

According to the Madison Fire Department “Often, home fires occur in the darkness of night when residents are fast asleep. One misconception is that a person will awaken from the smell of smoke. This is WRONG…Smoke is a silent killer! Smoke contains many deadly gases, such as carbon monoxide, that will actually put a person into an even deeper state of sleep, causing a person never to wake up. A smoke alarm is your first line of defense to get out alive.”You can learn more about the city’s smoke alarm requirements on the Madison Fire Department’s webpage.

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