Are you Scam Savvy?

by Safety Connection

March 9, 2023

It’s Consumer Protection Week, and it’s a great time to practice your scam detection skills. Here is some timely information shared by our friends at Madison Area Crime Stoppers:

Scammers take advantage of your trust. Is that really who you think it is behind that phone call, text or email? To avoid being a scammer’s next victim, it’s wise to think before you act:

  • Did you get an email from your bank, credit card company, the IRS, Microsoft or another well-known company/organization? If they demand payment or ask you to provide them with personal information, it’s a scam. Don’t reply! If you’re worried, contact them directly to find out if it’s legitimate. Scammers can easily fake company logos and graphics.
  • Did someone demand payment from you (especially via prepaid gift/debit cards, a wire transfer or cryptocurrency)? It’s definitely a scam. Don’t take the bait!
  • Did you receive an unsolicited email or text with a link or attachment? Don’t click on it—it could put malware on your device.
  • Are you tempted to take that phone call because you recognize the company/person’s name on your caller ID? Unfortunately, scammers can spoof caller ID to show a call is from anyone they want (including your bank, credit card company, a police agency or even your own family members).

The Better Business Bureau encourages consumers to guard personal information “like gold.” This includes banking, Social Security and insurance information.

And to help protect against scams and identity theft, shred old documents, bills, junk mail and medical paperwork.

Finally, be sure to monitor your credit card and bank accounts regularly for unusual activity.

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