Charities That Support Madison Police

by Safety Connection

Still considering some year-end charitable donations? You have an opportunity to support Madison Police through several 501c3 non-profits.

The Madison Community Policing Foundation (MCPF) supports activities, initiatives and events in our community that bring police officers and residents together. Some of the things they helped fund in 2021 included a tutoring program for youth in the South and West Districts, a community picnic in Haen Park and assistance with the Community Safety Workers pilot project with Nehemiah and the Focused Interruption Coalition. They also partnered with Metcalfe’s and several other groups to provide Thanksgiving meals to more than 120 families in Madison as part of #MPDCares.

You can learn more and donate to the MCPF here.

And both the MPD’s K9 and Mounted Patrol Units are funded solely through generous donations to partnering tax-exempt non-profit organizations. City dollars pay only for the officers’ salary and benefits. The non-profits use donations to purchase the animals and their equipment and train them. Your donations also make it possible for them to cover the necessary veterinary costs, food and boarding (for the horses).

K9s search buildings, track and help apprehend suspects and find missing persons. They also help officers and keep our community safe by finding drugs, weapons, explosives and evidence.

The Mounted Patrol horses help officers monitor crowds during large group events, aid in the search for missing persons and patrol Madison parks and neighborhoods. You can learn more about the K9 Unit and the Capital K9s non-profit here.

And you can learn more about the MPD’s Mounted Patrol Unit and Friends of Madison Mounted Horse Patrol non-profit here.

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