What’s Less Fun than Sitting in a Cold Car?

by Safety Connection

Sitting in a cold car is no fun, but filling out a police report for a stolen car and waiting anxiously for it to be recovered (and hoping it’s not involved in a crash) is even less fun. So is arranging other transportation for 5 weeks because the body shop can’t get the right parts to fix your recovered-but-damaged vehicle. And if your car is totaled in a reckless driving incident, you might wait months before the new or used vehicle you prefer to purchase next is available from a dealer—have you seen all the empty dealership car lots lately?

In 2021, 747 vehicles were stolen in the city of Madison*. That’s 3 more than were stolen in 2020 and 108 more than were stolen in 2019. We’re trending in the wrong direction!

Please don’t leave your vehicle idling and unattended because it’s way too tempting for thieves. And make sure you don’t have any spare or valet keys inside. It’s also a good idea to bring your garage remote inside with you so if you DO ever forget to lock up, someone can’t get into your garage and house and find the keys to your vehicle and/or steal other items.

No, it’s not fun to sit in a cold car on these cold winter days, but it’s a minor inconvenience compared to what you’ll go through if your car is stolen.

(*747 is the preliminary number of stolen vehicles in the city of Madison in 2021, but that number is subject to change as cases continue to be investigated).

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