Top Ten Consumer Complaints in Wisconsin in 2021

by Safety Connection

Can you guess what the number one consumer complaint was in Wisconsin in 2021?

The Wisconsin Department of Ag Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) just released its top 10 consumer complaints for 2021 by category.

# 10 – Entertainment and Recreation: canceled and rescheduled events led this category which saw a drop in complaints from 2020.

# 9 – Motor Vehicle Accessories and Parts: This is first time this category has made the Top 10 list and delivery failure, misleading representations and unsatisfactory refund policies were the main concerns.

# 8 – Motor Vehicle Sales: misleading representations and inadequate disclosures were the top complaints in this category.

# 7 – Motor Vehicle Repair: Workmanship, failure to honor warranties, damage, and unsatisfactory service were the primary concerns.

# 6 – Medical Services: Consumers reported billing disputes, unsatisfactory services and misleading representations as their top complaints.

# 5 – Telecommunications: This category dropped 2 spots in the rankings in 2021, but billing disputes, misleading advertisements and termination of services were the top complaints in this category.

# 4 – Home Improvement: Lien waivers, non-fulfillment of services, billing disputes and workmanship issues led complaints in 2021.

# 3 – Identity Theft: This moved up a spot in 2021 and DATCP warns that “Fraud reports are on the rise nationally, and Wisconsin has followed that trend”.

# 2 – Landlord/Tenant: This category stayed in the number two spot for the second year in a row.

# 1 – You probably won’t be surprised to see TELEMARKETING as the top consumer complaint in Wisconsin. Leading this category is unwanted calls and texts. Other issues that were reported most commonly were imposter scams, robocalls and ‘Do Not Call List’ violations.

You can visit the Consumer Protection section of DATCP’s website to find fact sheets, identity theft protection tips, consumer alerts, product safety information and much more. And you can sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry here.

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