Was That Gunshots or Fireworks?

by Safety Connection

It’s late evening and you hear some popping sounds ring out in your neighborhood. Was that gunshots or fireworks? Will you call 911? Or are you more inclined to hop on Nextdoor to see if any other neighbors posted something about it first? If you hear what sounds like gunshots or fireworks and you’re not sure, police and dispatchers want you to please call 911. Somebody could be injured and your call could potentially save a life. Please don’t assume that other people will call.

Have you ever wondered how officers are usually able to pinpoint the area where shots rang out? It’s because people like YOU call 911 and report to the dispatcher where you heard the sound coming from. As a dispatcher receives more and more of those calls, he or she is able to triangulate a location and send police officers to the scene where they can start looking for any injuries, damage, suspects or evidence.

Today MPD Captain Jason Freedman of the Midtown District released a blog post about spring safety, and he addressed shots fired incidents and investigations: “Coming off a 2020 that saw record violence, and noting that there has been a substantial uptick in year-to-date shots fired versus this time in 2020, safety is, and must remain, a primary concern of Midtown PD (and MPD overall)… I also know that warmer weather means many people will have their windows open at night, and so you will hear more of the outside world (including, at times, gunshots). If you hear what sounds like shots, please call us right away. While some of these are determined to be firecrackers or car backfires, some are founded. Calling MPD quickly is important for several reasons: first, if someone is injured, we can get aid to that person faster; second, it increases our chance of locating suspects; third, the likelihood of being able to collect evidence diminishes over time…so please call!”

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