Property Crime Spree in the Midtown District (7-22-21)

by Safety Connection

Property crimes have ticked up on the west side according to an MPD detective who also shared that kids who used to cruise neighborhoods looking for unlocked vehicles are now checking for unlocked doors to homes along neighborhood streets as well.

There’s no better time to start a nightly routine to make sure your vehicle, garage and home are locked up for the night. It’s also important to remove extra keys and your garage remote from your vehicle and hide any items of value. Thieves will steal items from unlocked vehicles, and some in the West District have been smashing windows to grab valuables.

In the early morning hours of July 22nd, numerous burglaries, attempted burglaries and stolen auto incidents occurred on the southwest side of Madison (including Dorsett Drive, Barton Road, Loruth Terrace, Hammersley Road and Crabapple Lane). In many of the incidents, thieves took advantage of unlocked vehicles or homes.

One victim of an attempted break-in shared a Ring video showing a possible suspect (above). If you live in the area of these crimes or were driving through that area in the early morning and saw or heard anything, please report your information to Madison Police at 608-255-2345.

Midtown Captain Jason Freedman released additional information that afternoon:

Overnight (7/21/22 – 7/22/21) there was a rash of burglaries in the Orchard Ridge Neighborhood in the City of Madison. Suspect(s) entered homes through unlocked back porches as well as by forced entry. The first burglary was reported a little after 2:00 am on the 5500 block of Barton Road with additional reports made throughout the night and early morning from other residences in the neighborhood. Officers will be in the neighborhood and providing extra patrol throughout the evening and night. The Madison Burglary Crime Unit is investigating these cases.

Remember, YOU can help prevent property crime.

  • Ensure your doors, porches, windows and garages are kept locked.
  • Secure your vehicle keys within a safe location not readily visible inside your home.
  • Leave exterior residence lights on at night or utilize motion detecting lights.
  • Keep valuables in your garage, car, and home out of sight.
  • Removing valuables from your car is better than hiding them. This includes garage door openers and spare keys.
  • Keep your garage door closed and double-check it is closed at night.
  • Report all criminal and suspicious activity immediately.

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