Body Cameras Part 3: Addressing Injustices

by Safety Connection

In December, the Green Bay City Council unanimously approved a plan to provide the Police Department with body cameras. The Green Bay Packers contributed $757,389 — enough to cover costs for more than a year. The plan costs $2.7 million over 5 years.

“In conversations with our players, community partners and elected officials, we determined that supporting this purchase would complement our many other efforts to address injustices in our communities of color,” team President and CEO Mark Murphy told

Packers head coach Matt LaFleur agrees that video analysis can be a valuable tool.

“There’s no better way to learn than to watch yourself actually go through situations,” LaFleur said. “We use video obviously every day in practice, and we review that video with our players, and sometimes there’s things that happen out there on the field that you don’t even realize until you go back and watch the video.”

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