MPD to Step Up Patrols in High Crash Areas

by Safety Connection

June 6, 2022

You may have already noticed more traffic enforcement in some areas of Madison. The Madison Police Department’s 2022 Strategic Plan includes a focus on reducing injury crashes in 3 key areas of the city where they often occur: Mineral Point Road, East Washington Avenue and the Beltline. The plan started on June 1 and will continue through October 31.

The Strategic Plan also includes a focus on reducing shots fired and stolen auto incidents across the city. The goal is to reduce those incidents plus hazardous driving incidents in the targeted areas by 15%.

MPD Midtown Captain Jason Freedman shared with residents what this means for people who live, work or play in the Midtown District which includes portions of Mineral Point Road and the Beltline:

“I wanted to provide some more details about Midtown’s traffic component.  As mentioned in that post, the goal is to reduce crashes by 15% in the three main corridors (Beltline, Mineral Point Rd, and E Washington Ave) by providing proactive enforcement and high-visibility in these areas.

Based on data from the DOT, which tracks where crashes occur, and staying within the corridors identified by MPD, Midtown selected the following locations to focus on for hazardous traffic enforcement:


You may see officers—alone or in teams—at these locations over the summer.  At each location there are certain times of day when more crashes occur, so in the interest of efficiency, we will also be encouraging greater efforts during those higher-frequency periods.  Officers are strongly encouraged to issue citations for hazardous violations such as speeding, red-signal violations, stop sign violations and etc.  MPD will be tracking how much time officers are able to spend in each location and the number of overall crashes in an effort to assess the impact of officer efforts.

Although we are prioritizing these four locations, we are not ignoring other complaints, and will address those as time and resources allow.  Importantly, even in our focus areas, it should be understood that officers will continue to be, first and foremost, first responders who handle calls and follow up on cases as necessary.

Remember if you have a traffic complaint please report it here

Finally, traffic stops are inherently risky—officers do not know who they are stopping, drivers are often not happy to be stopped, and other vehicles are a significant danger, especially on the Beltline.  Please remember to move over or slow down when approaching an officer out on a traffic stop.  If you are stopped, pull over as soon as safely possible, remain in your vehicle, and follow the officers’ instructions…and remember they are working to increase your safety as a driver and member of our community!”

Andf MPD Captain Jamar Gary of the East District introduced the Strategic Plan to east side residents:

“June 1st was the beginning of the 2022 Summer Strategic Plan at MPD.  This year the priorities of each district are the same across the department.  Those focus areas are: Shots Fired, Stolen Autos and Hazardous Driving.  Three corridors were chosen based on crash data for hazardous driving enforcement which are: E. Washington Avenue, Mineral Point Road and the Beltline.  Obviously these focus areas will not preclude officers from responding to calls for service or addressing other issues within the district or traffic concerns in other parts of the district.

In 2022 the goal is to reduce each crime priority by 15%.  The goal in regards to the traffic priority is to reduce injury crashes by 15% as well.  MPD will employ multiple strategies driven by data analysis to cool hotspots, mitigate crime trends and arrest those high-rate offenders committing focal crimes.  Part of the analysis will be to measure the amount of time officers are able to dedicate to strategies meant to reduce the 2022 priorities.

Due to strategies used to meet the goals of the strategic plan, you may observe increased police presence in your neighborhood or areas that you frequent in the East District.  I encourage you to call police if you witness criminal activity in your community.  I know that many have traffic concerns outside of the three roadways mentioned above.  If you have traffic concerns please report those here.

If you have questions please feel free to reach out. The summer strategic plan will end October 31st, 2022. A period of data evaluation will follow the conclusion of the plan.”

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