MPD Summer Safety: The West District’s Strategic Plan

by Safety Connection

From June 7-August 26 in 2021, all six police districts in Madison will be carrying out their carefully-crafted strategic plans with the goal of reducing crime and disorder and increasing community engagement. What does that mean for you?

Captain Tim Patton of the West District recently shared his district’s summer Strategic Plan:

West District’s Crime Strategy

The West District will focus on reducing three types of crimes this summer—motor vehicle thefts, residential burglaries and thefts from autos. The goal is to decrease all three by 15% between June and August. This will include specific patrolling in crime hotspots as well canvassing areas where crimes have occurred and notifying neighbors who have left garage doors open and unattended.

West District’s Disorder Strategy

Hazardous driving is a concern of both residents and MPD, so the West District will make it a goal to reduce injury accidents by 15%. To accomplish this goal the West District will conduct speed enforcement in high injury zones, and use proactive enforcement for speeding, failure to stop and arterial stop violations. They will also “develop partnerships to assist motorists in need of driver’s license or registration renewal.”

A second disorder goal for the West District is to work with businesses to reduce repeat nuisance/false business alarm calls for service which can use up valuable officer time and resources.

West District’s Community Engagement Strategy

The West District will improve community partnerships by seeking out opportunities to participate in formal and informal MPD-led initiatives like a West District Citizen’s Academy, Community Bike Patrols and pop-up community picnics. They will also participate in community-led initiatives including neighborhood association/HOA meetings, blood drives, Coffee with a Cop and informal neighborhood conversations.

You can get all the details about the West District’s full summer Strategic Plan here.

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