MPD Summer Safety: The East District’s Strategic Plan

by Safety Connection

From June 7-August 26 in 2021, all six police districts in Madison will be carrying out their carefully-crafted strategic plans with the goal of reducing crime and disorder and increasing community engagement. What does that mean for you?

Captain Jamar Gary of the East District recently shared his district’s summer Strategic Plan:

East District’s Crime Strategy

The East District has two crime reduction goals. The first is to reduce property crimes in the district by 10% through August 26th. The district currently leads the city in stolen autos, and MPD East will try to reduce that crime as well as residential burglaries and thefts from autos.

They plan to use crime analysis data to monitor hotspots, remind homeowners to lock up, and canvass homes in the vicinity of burglaries that have recently occurred. They will also identify and apprehend repeat offenders and use targeted apprehension operations.

The second crime reduction goal is to reduce shots-fired incidents by 10% this summer. More than 250 shell casings have already been recovered by police city-wide.

Once again the district will use crime analysis data to identify hotspots, send extra patrols to those areas and identify and apprehend repeat offenders.

East District’s Disorder Strategy

The East District also set 2 disorder reduction goals. The first is to address the numerous traffic concerns on East Washington Avenue by increasing traffic enforcement and issuing tickets to violators for municipal violations including illegal driving behaviors, trespassing and drug and alcohol violations.

The second goal will be to reduce panhandling (i.e. enforcing the city’s “Median Safety Ordinance” passed in 2017). They will proactively contact panhandlers and distribute the ordinance brochure, track contacts and also educate motorists and issue citations if necessary.

North District Captain Brian Austin (whose district also set a goal to reduce panhandling this summer) told the Wisconsin State Journal that “the joint Madison and Dane County Homeless Issues Committee, which he used to be a member of, determined around the time the ordinance went into effect that most repeat panhandlers weren’t homeless and that service providers would prefer they come directly to them rather than beg for money on the streets.”

East District’s Community Engagement Goal

The East District will step up community engagement post-COVID by having officers participate in neighborhood meetings and events, Coffee with a Cop and active neighborhood foot patrols among other opportunities.

You can view the East District’s full Strategic Plan here.

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