MPD Summer Safety: The Central District’s Strategic Plan

by Safety Connection

From June 7-August 26 in 2021, all six police districts in Madison will be carrying out their carefully-crafted strategic plans with the goal of reducing crime and disorder and increasing community engagement. What does that mean for you?

Captain Kelly Donahue of the Central District recently shared her district’s summer Strategic Plan:

Did you know that during the summer months, there are an average of 67.6 Simple Assault offenses per month in the Central District? They are concentrated in the downtown Entertainment Zone. Sexual Assaults average 16 offenses per month, and Disorderly Conduct incidents average 205 offenses per month in the Entertainment Zone where there is a high concentration of alcohol establishments.

This summer the Central District wants to decrease Simple Assaults and Disorderly Conduct incidents each by 10% by working with UW Madison, downtown neighborhoods, businesses and landlords. They will offer high visibility patrols and Tavern Safety Trainings with bar owners and employees. They will also work with security companies to “ensure consistency of approach, advertise the no-tolerance approach to disorderly behavior and hold people accountable who are engaging in illegal/disorderly conduct.”

Their second crime goal is to reduce Sexual Assaults by 15% this summer by collaborating with UW Madison Health Services, UW Student organizations and alcohol establishments to “recognize signs of distress among patrons and intercede, provide safe and secure ways to report sexual assaults and provide follow-up care for victims.”

In the disorder category, the Central District will focus on reducing dangerous and disruptive driving behavior with a goal of a 20% decrease in complaints and a 10% decrease in crashes. Part of the strategy will be to continue to focus efforts on weekend nights “when racing and other dangerous driving seems to peak.”

They also set a goal to reduce retail thefts by 20% which will involve “robust follow-up on incidents where suspects can be identified” and working closely with the DA’s office “to ensure that cases have prosecutorial merit.”

You can read the Central District’s full summer strategic plan here.

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