Madison Police Q1 Crime Data/Information

by Safety Connection

While stolen auto and shots fired stats for the first quarter were up significantly, there is some positive news in MPD’s first quarter report. Heroin overdoses were down 28% compared to 2020 (46 known overdoses compared to 64 in 1st quarter 2020). Robberies decreased from 51 to 35, and burglaries were down 38% (162 compared to 263 in the 1st quarter of 2020).

The North District led in heroin overdoses (15) followed by the South District (12). The East District led in robberies (12) followed by the West District (11). The majority of burglaries occurred in the West District (51) followed by the East District (39).

MPD responded to 28,637 calls for service in the first quarter (that does not include parking complaints or 911 hang-ups). Of those, 55 (or just under two-tenths of one percent) involved any recordable force during citizen contacts (49 were decentralized/takedowns), and each of the incidents was reviewed for compliance with MPD’s standard operating procedures.

Sixty-nine times in the first quarter MPD was put on emergency/priority-only call response (sometimes more than once on a given date). “This means that at some point on 36% of the days during the first quarter, MPD patrol response was limited.”

Finally, in response to the MPD Policy and Procedure Review Ad Hoc Committee recommendations, during spring in-service training this year all commissioned personnel will/have received ICAT Training (Integrating Communications, Assessment and Tactics). “This is a nationally-recognized curriculum to improve officers’ response to critical incidents. The training focuses on critical thinking, communications and tactics to improve opportunities for positive outcomes in use-of-force encounters…and an additional session (focused on scenario training) will follow later this year.”

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