Madison Crime Statistics Through May 2021

by Safety Connection

MPD has compiled the May crime statistics, and the good news is that robberies and burglaries are down in the city (burglaries by a whopping 41 percent YTD).

But there’s been a 29 percent increase in stolen autos city-wide compared to 2020 with the East District leading that statistic with 22 stolen autos through May.

Shots-fired incidents continue to be up for the year compared to 2020 which was a record-breaking year for that crime category. The city has seen 91 shots-fired incidents through May (a 30% increase) with 254 shell casings recovered so far.

The most common time of day for shots-fired incidents is 4pm to midnight, and looking at past years’ data, shots-fired incidents tend to peak each year during the months of June through August.

You can learn about crime incidents in your neighborhood by checking the LexisNexis Community Crime Map.

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