Madison Crime Statistics through August 2021

by Safety Connection

Stolen autos and shots-fired incidents continued to be the biggest crime problems in Madison according to the latest statistics.

Citizens have called police for 146 shots fired incidents so far in 2021. In comparison, there were 144 shots fired incidents in all of 2019 (due to the unprecedented civil unrest and a pandemic, Madison Police say the 2020 numbers are anomalies, but if you’re curious, there were 250 shots fired incidents in all of 2020).

Through August, thieves have made off with at least 524 vehicles across the city. That’s compared to 639 in all of 2019 (744 in all of 2020). The city is averaging 3 more stolen autos per month this year compared to last year (and 13 more per month compared to 2019).

Robberies and burglaries are both trending lower. We’ll find out more about those categories when MPD’s 3rd quarter statistics are released at the beginning of October. Through August, MPD received 91 robbery reports and 607 burglary reports city-wide. For comparison there were 1001 burglaries in all of 2019 (1256 in all of 2020) and 232 robberies in all of 2019 (188 in 2020 but with many businesses closed during the pandemic it limited opportunities for commercial robberies).

Finally, 7 people have lost their lives in homicides so far this year in Madison. In 2019 the city saw 3 homicides, and last year there were 11 (a record number for Madison).

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