How are Criminals Getting Guns?

by Safety Connection

June 9, 2022

Since May 27 at least FOUR guns have been stolen from vehicles in Madison and are now in the hands of criminals (1 East District, 1 North District, 2 Midtown District).

Did you know that cars parked at residences are now the number one source of illegally obtained guns in the United States (according to FBI data)? It used to be burglaries.

Last year our local TV news station, News 3 Now, read through all available police reports of firearms stolen from vehicles in Madison (through Sept 2021) and found that most victims had left the now-stolen gun under their car seat, in the glove box or in the center console.

You have a part to play in helping to keep guns off our streets and out of the hands of criminals. If you own a gun, please don’t ever store it in your vehicle. And if you have a friend or relative who owns a gun, please share this information with them!

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