Honoring the MPD Helpers: First Street Shooting

by Safety Connection

On Wednesday May 4, the Madison Police Department held its Awards Ceremony at Monona Terrace. Officer Morgan Youngquist received the highest award, the Medal of Valor, for his bravery and heroism and for his extreme courage by placing his own safety in immediate peril and taking action that included life-threatening, personal risk. 

On March 22, 2021, Madison police were responding to a person with a medical issue just outside the temporary men’s homeless shelter at 200 N. First St. shortly before 7:30pm when 3-4 gunshots were heard inside the shelter. Officer Youngquist immediately entered the building, heading in the direction of the shooter. The suspect emerged, holding a gun, in front of Officer Youngquist. During the confrontation, Officer Youngquist fired one shot at the suspect before the suspect ran away. Officer Youngquist pursued the suspect and was able to provide others with his description before heading back into the shelter to help provide care for the victim, who was shot by the suspect. 

The armed man had shot a male resident multiple times at close range inside the shelter and threatened others before fleeing. The suspect has since reached a plea deal, pleading guilty to attempted first-degree intentional homicide. 

Officer Youngquist was in his first year of service with MPD, and had just 7 weeks on solo patrol. 

“Youngquist displayed bravery, confronting an active shooter, and ultimately saving the lives of those in that shelter,” said Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes.

Stay tuned for more heroic stories! 

You can watch the entire Madison Police Department awards ceremony here.

Shared from MPD’s 2021 Annual Report

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