Don’t Blame Police, Blame Your Leaders

by Safety Connection

Let it be known that on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, the Mayor and 18 elected Common Council members defunded the City of Madison Police Department by some $2,720,721.

The Madison Common Council just cut the 2024 Police budget by nearly $3 million while officers already struggle to keep up. 

While the City paid $3.1 million in police overtime in the first three quarters to meet patrol shift hard minimums.

While the city rapidly grows in population and density and the cratering structural deficit will compound problems. 

While gang activity increases on our streets and just a month after 4 teens were shot, one fatally, outside an apartment complex in early evening. Her homicide remains unsolved. 

While Minneapolis, who preceded us down this path, is in a police staffing crisis and about to spend $???????? ???????????????????????????? on hiring and retention.

The Minneapolis Police Department only covers the city proper, with its ????????????,???????????? residents. The State Supreme Court ruled they’re required to have at least ???????????? ????????????????????????????????.

Here in Madison, we have 223 total patrol officers responding to calls for our ????????????,????????????+ residents. And your city’s leaders just cut their budget by ????% when ????????.????% ???????? ???????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????? ????????????????????????????????????

Look to the cities that have preceded us and you will see what’s just ahead. Then don’t blame the police, blame your leaders. 

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