Civic Engagement 101: How to Voice Your Concerns

by Safety Connection

Many residents have no idea how to voice their concerns to city leaders, but it’s never been easier than it is right now, when all city meetings are conducted via Zoom.

You can give input at city meetings, whether the Common Council Meeting on the first and third Tuesdays of each month (starting at 6:30 pm) or at any of the Boards, Commissions, or Committee meetings. Find out what meetings are coming up and view the agendas by checking the current city hall meeting schedule here.

For any meeting, you can register to “watch online” or register to “give public comments.” If you would like to give public comments, you will need the agenda item number(s) of the topic(s) you want to speak on. The agenda is listed for each meeting and you can view all the items there.

When it’s your turn to give your public comments, the host (often the mayor) will call your name and ask you to unmute your microphone (there will be a prompt on your screen). Video is disabled, so you can read your prepared remarks right off your paper or screen. Most often, the time limit is 3 minutes, although for Public Hearings, the limit is 5 minutes.

You can also share your input with city leaders via email anytime using these addresses:

The Mayor:

Your alder: district [insert your number here] (i.e.

All alders:

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