Madison Sees Uptick in Stolen Autos

by Safety Connection

Stolen auto activity ramped up again yesterday (2/28). Between 9:30am and 1pm, two vehicles were stolen in the West District (both running and unattended at the time), a woman was carjacked and hit by her own vehicle when someone stole it from a gas station on Mineral Point Road, and 2 suspects in a stolen auto were involved in a 3-vehicle hit-and run crash at Rimrock Road at the Beltline.

In the afternoon a gun was stolen from a vehicle in the West District and in the evening a vehicle was stolen from the east side (running and unattended) and recovered a short time later. Please encourage your family, friends and neighbors to keep their vehicles locked at all times, and if you notice a neighbor’s garage door is open and unattended, please let them know, so they don’t become the next victim of a car theft or home-break-in.

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